Used KOBELCO LRP-3050Ei #9123001 for sale

ID: 9123001
Wafer Size: 12"
Systems, 12".
KOBELCO LRP-3050Ei is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the semiconductor industry. It features an extensive range of substrate holders and aligners, including both manual and automatic heads with a wide variety of wafer sizes and shapes. Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive measurement system that utilizes a wide variety of probe tips, optical interferometers, capacitance probes, and temperature probes to accurately measure and analyze a wide variety of characteristics, such as electrical and optical properties, and defect map formation. LRP-3050Ei offers both advanced data processing and communication features, allowing for rapid analysis of test data and smooth communication between users and the unit. In addition, the machine is highly configurable and can be easily adapted to meet the customers' requirements, making it suitable for many different types of testing and analysis. The powerful and user-friendly graphical user interface of KOBELCO LRP-3050Ei simplifies the operation of the tool. It enables the users to establish, adjust, and store measurement processes, and provides an overview of asset status information. It also enables the users to intuitively program and manage test sequences, data transformation, visualization, and analysis. Furthermore, the model also offers a wide range of remote software capabilities, such as remote monitoring, maintenance, and data processing functions. LRP-3050Ei also features various automation features, including auto calibrations, auto tool change, auto vacuum validation, and safety functions. These ensure accurate and repeatable measurements and reliable operation over long periods, making the equipment well suited for use in demanding, high-volume production environments. In addition, the system is capable of monitoring and controlling a range of environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure, and gas flow to provide optimal results regardless of the conditions. All in all, KOBELCO LRP-3050Ei is an advanced and highly flexible wafer testing and metrology unit that can suit a wide range of applications. Its comprehensive measurement tools, automation features, and intuitive user interface make it an ideal choice for high-precision substrate characterization and process monitoring.
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