Used KOBELCO LTA-500 #9025720 for sale

ID: 9025720
Vintage: 1995
Wafer testing and metrology system 100 VAC, 15 A, 50/60 Hz GP-IB option Cable: 408JE DDK 1995 vintage.
KOBELCO LTA-500 wafer testing and metrology equipment is a precision system designed to rapidly evaluate the electrical performance of semiconductor wafers. This unit is ideal for testing applications where accurate and reliable results are critical, such as extreme temperature testing, over and under voltages, leakage current, and semiconductor package testing. The machine utilizes a high-performance, high speed imaging technology to accurately capture and analyze the profile of the wafer. This can provide the user with microscopic information about the etched microstructure with resolutions as high as two nanometers (2nm). Combined with specialized image processing algorithms, LTA-500 is capable of delivering accurate, reliable results in a fraction of the time of conventional testing processes. KOBELCO LTA-500 also offers a wide array of tools for dynamic wafer testing and analysis. These include the Wafer Topography Wheel, laser Doppler interferometry, and a waferscope viewer. The Wafer Topography Wheel is a specialized tool designed to measure features on a micro-scale, providing comprehensive measurements such as feature height, width, shape, and orientation. The laser Doppler interferometry tool provides precise information on the motion of a wafer surface, enabling accurate measurements of changes in the wafer's structures. Finally, the waferscope viewer provides a comprehensive view of the wafer's surface geometry, allowing the user to see both macro-level features and micro-level details. LTA-500 wafer testing and metrology tool provides a fast, reliable, and precise means of testing the electrical performance of a variety of wafers. With its robust suite of tools and broad array of features, KOBELCO LTA-500 is the ideal asset for those in need of an accurate, comprehensive, and efficient wafer testing and metrology solution.
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