Used KOBELCO MSI-110 #9078501 for sale

ID: 9078501
Vintage: 2003
Mirror surface inspection system, 2003 vintage.
KOBELCO MSI-110 wafer testing and metrology equipment is designed to offer superior accuracy and data collection reliability for the measurement of even the most complex structures. The system offers a long list of features and capabilities, including automated alignment and focus, high-precision measurement capabilities, and advanced data management procedures. The unit is equipped with a vacuum-assisted optics machine for enhanced accuracy and focus. This automatically adjusts the lenses for ideal focus, providing quick, precise results. The large air-cooled LED source provides an efficient and powerful illumination, which further enhances measurement speed and accuracy. The optical path can be easily shifted from a highpower to a low-power option, increasing exposure flexibility and allowing for a wider set of measurement possibilities. With the standard lens, MSI-110 achieves a 5x magnification, scaning an area of 2 mm. With the 20x high-power lens, the tool can achieve a resolution of 30 nm and is capable of measuring microstructure formats with an accuracy of up to 20 nm. The software controls the whole asset, providing data parameterization and analysis with easy-to-follow menus. Multiple measurement parameters can be set for difficult measurements. Both surface scan and section views of the image can be provided. Utilizing the latest technology, KOBELCO MSI-110 measures complex structures while providing data formats suitable for various industry and research applications. The model offers many advanced data management features, including support for multiple users and workgroups. Management of test results is secure and protected, and exported data formats can be customized to meet specific requirements. Data collected during each test can be easily organized in a software-hosted database, allowing easy comparison of previous measurements. MSI-110 is designed for stress-resistant performance in harsh laboratory conditions. This includes an e-beam vibration isolation equipment to reduce the effects of any external seismic activity. An integrated oil circulation unit provides cooling for the lenses and lens mounts during operation. Through its ability to perform accurate, reliable measurements with a variety of parameter settings, KOBELCO MSI-110 provides a robust platform for accurate metrology. The streamlined user control, advanced data management features, and robust build make MSI-110 an ideal choice for research and production metrology.
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