Used KOBELCO SRP-200B #9123002 for sale

ID: 9123002
Wafer Size: 12"
System, 12".
KOBELCO SRP-200B is a fully automated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide accurate and up-to-date measurements of wafer electrodes. Developed by Japan-based KOBELCO Group, SRP-200B system is well-suited for the needs of semiconductor manufacturers, offering quick and reliable results within minutes. KOBELCO SRP-200B has a vacuum chamber with built-in optical tables, lens systems, and high-precision sensors that carry out scanning of wafer electrodes. The unit's design helps keep the unit free of dust and moisture, allowing for reliable testing and fast delivery of results. Its high precision sensors allow for scans of high quality in a range from 10 nanometers to 80 micrometers, enabling SRP-200B to accurately measure thickness and profile parameters, such as trench width, linewidth and step height. The machine's advanced software analyzes large volumes of surface data quickly, facilitating fast, accurate results for a range of different wafer types. It offers a range of functions, from shape, feature and profile analysis, to automated defect detection and management, as well as the ability to measure defect size and frequency. KOBELCO SRP-200B is an ideal solution for quality control in semiconductor production, providing reliable wafer testing and metrology. It is capable of providing up-to-date and accurate measurements of electrodes, and with its intuitive user interface and comprehensive data analysis, it offers a streamlined, user-friendly process with cutting edge technology. SRP-200B has successfully been implemented in various semiconductor production lines worldwide, ensuring the integrity of their products. Its innovative design and comprehensive feature set makes KOBELCO SRP-200B an ideal solution for any application requiring accurate and reliable wafer testing and metrology.
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