Used KOKUSAI VR-120S #9142593 for sale

ID: 9142593
Wafer Size: 12"
Vintage: 2012
Resistivity test systems, 12" 2012 vintage.
KOKUSAI VR-120S is a wafer testing and metrology equipment with a high-precision rotary stage, a low noise, high sensitivity cylindrical measurement probe, and a versatile sample holder. KOKUSAI VR120S is designed to measures both round wafer and non-circular shaped wafers with up to 200mm diameter. The system includes a high-accuracy standard overlay accuracy up to 1μm for infrared scanning. The unit has a sample holder which can rotate with precision and feature a theta stage and a two-axis measurement stage, both with micrometer accuracy. With this kind of precision, the machine can measure etched and etched patterns, as well as shape variations, with more precision than other systems. VR 120 S has two different cylindrical measurement probes: a low-noise probe designed for low-noise measurement, and a high sensitivity probe designed to detect extremely small height differences in pattern structures. The high sensitivity probe provides a 4mm measurement range with a resolution of 0.1nm. With its low noise characteristics, the tool can measure various variables with high accuracy. VR-120S also has a versatile sample holder that can be adjusted for different wafer sizes or types. It includes an integrated cleaning tool, a feature that enables easy cleaning of the probe. The sample holder also has a vacuum asset that prevents samples from slipping when rotated. KOKUSAI VR-120 S model is able to calculate best fitted circles on circular wafers, allowing straight line analysis. Furthermore, the equipment can also perform feature profile and topography analysis, and when combined with the high accuracy of the theta stage it can measure parameters on non-circular wafers. KOKUSAI VR 120 S is an excellent wafer testing and metrology system. Its features and accuracy make it a great tool for any testing and metrology needs. It provides precision results and features that set it apart from other systems on the market.
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