Used KOKUSAI VR-120S #9148338 for sale

ID: 9148338
Resistivity test systems.
KOKUSAI VR-120S is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for advanced technology node wafer testing and characterization. The system features a non-destructive, non-contact laser-scanning optical profilometer, which takes high-resolution 3D images of the surface of the wafer and automates the measurement of critical wafer parameters such as wafer topography, point height variation, and global roughness. The unit offers a wide range of scanning field sizes and high-resolution profiles, enabling users to tailor the machine to their specific needs. The tool also features a unique inverted frame stage, designed to increase capacity by up to 8x when compared to the standard stage. This allows the asset to fit more wafers on the stage at one time, increasing the throughput and efficiency of wafer testing and characterization. The model can also perform detailed metrology measurements, with real-time 3D imaging capabilities and in-depth analysis of the various nanoscale properties of the wafers. KOKUSAI VR120S also has an automated wafer handling equipment that can quickly move wafers from one process to the next without any operator intervention, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with wafer testing and characterization. This system is integrated with the stage and imaging unit, allowing users to quickly and accurately locate wafers for different processes and procedures. VR 120 S also includes an advanced software package that allows users to control the machine, process images, and interpret data in real-time. VR-120S is an innovative wafer testing and metrology tool that can provide users with actionable insights into advanced technology node wafers. With its high resolution imaging and metrology capabilities, automated wafer handling asset, and intuitive software package, VR-120 S is an ideal solution for those looking to quickly and accurately evaluate the properties of wafers, saving time and money in the process.
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