Used KOKUSAI VR-30A #9095913 for sale

ID: 9095913
Wafer Size: 6"
Resistivity measurement system, 6".
KOKUSAI VR-30A is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment that is widely used in the semiconductor industry. The system allows for the accurate measurement of a wide range of electrical and mechanical properties for wafers, as well as for accurate defect inspection and analysis. VR-30A utilizes a variety of innovative technologies in order to create a comprehensive solution for advanced wafer testing and analysis. It includes a powerful vision unit with two megapixel cameras, allowing for high precision measurements and exact reproducibility. The high resolution capabilities of this machine make it the ideal tool for identifying process defects, such as foreign particles, contaminants, threadizing, or gate pattern misalignment. KOKUSAI VR-30A also comes equipped with an atomic force microscope (AFM), which allows for the precise measurement of features that are only micrometers in size. The AFM is able to analyze surfaces with nanometer-level accuracy, and can be used to measure surface roughness, grain size, and other material characteristics. In addition, VR-30A includes a variety of advanced metrology instruments, such as a CCD camera and laser-based measurement devices. These instruments enable the accurate characterization of wafers, including measurements of topography, particle size, shape, and composition. The CCD camera is also able to accurately detect defects and perform non-contact surface measurement. KOKUSAI VR-30A is an invaluable tool for semiconductor manufacturers, as it offers a comprehensive solution for wafer testing and metrology. With its high precision and reliability, it ensures that the systems being produced are of the highest quality, providing improved yields and reduced costs for manufacturers.
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