Used KOKUSAI VR-30A #9095915 for sale

ID: 9095915
Wafer Size: 6"
Resistivity measurement system, 6".
KOKUSAI VR-30A is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides detailed analysis and characterization of semiconductor wafers. It is designed to work with a wide range of wafer sizes up to 300mm in diameter and is capable of performing a variety of automated optical and non-destructive tests. VR-30A utilizes an advanced wafer positioning system and is equipped with a variety of high resolution imaging tools and sensors. The built-in optics enable simultaneous imaging of up to three points on the same wafer, or one point on multiple wafers. This enables users to measure larger samples, or to compare single points across multiple wafers. KOKUSAI VR-30A features a proprietary wafer scanning stage, which enables high-precision measurements and rapid scanning. This unit is based on an optical pattern recognition machine that can identify a single point on the wafer's surface. This capability allows users to accurately measure wafer flatness, height, and roughness. VR-30A also includes a comprehensive suite of metrology tools that allow users to perform a variety of tests. Additionally, this tool is equipped with mechanical wafer clamps to ensure a secure wafer mounting. It also features a number of safety features, such as a wafer eject asset and an automatic wafer centering model. KOKUSAI VR-30A is a powerful and reliable wafer testing and metrology equipment that can provide users with accurate analysis. This system can be used to measure the physical characteristics of semiconductor wafers quickly and reliably. Thanks to its features, VR-30A is an excellent choice for researchers and engineers who need accurate data without investing excessive capital.
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