Used KOKUSAI VR-70 #9051391 for sale

ID: 9051391
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 1990
Metrology system, 6" 1990 vintage.
KOKUSAI VR-70 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for in-line wafer level production testing. It is equipped with an advanced wafer measurement system that enables precise 2D and 3D measurements of integrated circuits (ICs). The unit enables complete wafer inspection and surface measurements at high speed and with high accuracy. The machine is suited for semiconductor production lines and laboratories, with high throughput and precision control. VR-70 accommodates wafers up to 8 inches in diameter and features a slitless laser scanner that enables sub-micron resolution accuracy for 2D and 3D measurements. The tool is capable of capturing both surface and internal topology data with an optical microscope, and of collecting non-contact electrical test information (RTD) of devices on the wafer surface. It is also equipped with a high-resolution digital microscope that enables precise observation and analysis of individual devices during scanning. KOKUSAI VR-70 includes an in-line image evaluation and analysis application to quickly and accurately identify defects or yield control points on wafers of various types. The asset also has die-to-die scan capabilities that allow for automated and consistent measurements of intermediate stages of process steps as well as product performance. This enables manufacturers to adjust and control the process quickly and with accuracy. VR-70 provides a complete wafer characterization solution, including high accuracy thickness and surface roughness measurements, for production and process development. Its advanced data capture infrastructure allows for both static and dynamic measurement of wafers and devices. The model is also compatible with many industry-standard metrology and imaging software, allowing for efficient data acquisition and analysis. Lastly, KOKUSAI VR-70 offers a wide range of visualization and reporting tools for improved wafer defect analysis and yield control. It is equipped with logging and fault notification capability for proactive process control. The equipment also supports automatic data backup and storage on an external database for long-term traceability and ensure data integrity.
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