Used KOKUSAI VR-70 #9095916 for sale

ID: 9095916
Wafer Size: 6"
Resistivity measurement system, 6".
KOKUSAI VR-70 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that makes use of advanced imaging and spectroscopy capabilities. It features a high throughput, ultra-high resolution multi-angle grating spectrometer that measures thickness, refractive index, surface roughness, optical properties, film stress and other process parameters. The system also provides a high-precision non-contact optical microscope for the inspection of defects or particle contamination on the wafers. For the testing of film thickness, VR-70 utilizes a unique substrate stage with a highly accurate XYZ motorized stage that enables fast, accurate and precise positioning of the wafers. This unit also features an advanced auto-scan function for the automatic alignment of the wafer surface with the spectrometer beam and wide range scan area. The auto-scan function is capable of scanning from 300mm-500mm wafers, with a scan range of up to 5,000mm in x-direction. Furthermore, KOKUSAI VR-70 wafer testing and metrology machine is designed with high quality optics which provide excellent spectral resolution, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and excellent UV-VIS-NIR optical performance. The tool also has a unique software package that can be used for the calculation of layer parameters such as refractive index, film thickness and optical properties. This software package also has a set of pre-calibrated algorithms to save time and ensure repeatability. Overall, VR-70 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology asset that enables the rapid and accurate characterization of a wide range of wafer properties. It is a reliable and cost effective solution for wafer testing and metrology. It is capable of providing detailed data on the properties of a wide range of wafer substrates and processes. By providing a user-friendly interface, it can be easily operated and help users make better informed decisions.
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