Used KOSAKA LAB Roughness tester #9226721 for sale

KOSAKA LAB Roughness tester
ID: 9226721
Wafer Size: 6"
Surface roughness measurement tool, 6".
KOSAKA LAB Roughness tester is a wafer testing and metrology equipment used for critical surface characteristic analysis. The instrument utilizes a capacitance-based sensory system, a precision linear stage, and image processing software to measure surface roughness and texture. It is applicable for use on a variety of materials including silicon, metals, and ceramics. KOSAKA LAB measures the local contour changes of the wafer surface, including both roughness and texture, by minimizing electrical capacity between a digital probe and sample surface. The probe is dragged across the specimen surface with a constant speed, and the contact frequency is controlled by both the microscope and piezo-controlled linear stage. The series of measured electrical capacitances is sent to the CNC unit, and a planar (or three-dimensional) surface image is reconstructed. The instrument can detect deviations in surface roughness or texture as small as 3 microns, and resolution can be set to a minimum of 1 micron. An advanced algorithmic technology optimizes surface mapping, providing accurate data. The software package of KOSAKA LAB also allows users to select a variety of measurement parameters such as tip offset and dwell time. KOSAKA LAB is operated through its touch-sensitive, color, LCD panel interface. It also includes high-speed video data acquisition and analysis capabilities, ensuring fast surface scan times and accurate data acquisition. KOSAKA LAB can be used to measure and quantify surface roughness, texture, height variation, and even wear and frictional characteristics. It is capable of analyzing, comparing, and characterizing complex surfaces such as MEMS, optoelectronics components, flat panel displays, printing substrates, and semiconductor wafers. The machine can be utilized in various industrial fields, such as semiconductor manufacturing, quality assurance, and general precision metrology.
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