Used KOSAKA LAB SP-460D #9116594 for sale

ID: 9116594
Vintage: 2001
Surface roughness measurement tool 2001 vintage.
KOSAKA LAB SP-460D is a precision wafer testing and metrology equipment. It combines both optical and multi-target angled beam reflectance, as well as subjective measurement capabilities to accurately analyze irregular shaped objects. The system is equipped with two in-unit cameras, allowing for 360° mapping, making it suitable for a range of applications across different industries. It is able to capture a wide range of measurement points with exceptional speed and accuracy. SP-460D integrates computer-aided design (CAD) and scanning of oblique angle reflectance to determine contours and surfaces of non-metallic, multi-layered samples, and to accurately measure critical feature dimensions. The in-machine cameras are enhance dark field illumination and achieve precise edge-locating capabilities. The tool's servo motor-driven indexing stage, which incorporates four linear axis movements, is able to accurately locate a sample before measurement for enhanced repeatability and accuracy. It also offers indices measurement function, which automatically reports number of counts and averages of measurement values. KOSAKA LAB SP-460D also offers a large field of view, allowing users to measure various parts of the sample at once. Its multi-target measurement capability integrates an objective lens angled perpendicular to the measurement surface for increased scanning and measurement speeds. This feature not only improves accuracy but also significantly reduces measurement time. In addition, the asset has a user friendly graphic design software, providing intuitive operation and numerous cross-sectional views such as equipotential lines, colormap, three-dimensional reconstructed images, and isometric drawings. Its user interface also includes the ability to export data, overlay drawings, and zoom in/out to observe fine details. Moreover, the model is designed to be energy-efficient. Its unique power saving design, combined with a low power consumption measurement equipment, ensures low operating costs while providing excellent performance and durability. Overall, SP-460D wafer testing and metrology system is an ideal choice for measuring irregular shaped objects and multi-layered samples, providing accurate measurements and reliable performance.
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