Used KUBOTEK SKLS2-3 #84546 for sale

ID: 84546
Wafer Size: 8
Vintage: 2005
Glass wafer particle inspection system, 8” Inspection Range: 3micron, For Glass/Sapphire De-installed 2005 vintage.
KUBOTEK SKLS2-3 is a fully automated testing and metrology equipment designed for optimizing throughput in large scale wafer testing operations. This system offers the utmost in precision and accuracy, making it a superior option for wafer testing applications. SKLS2-3 is based on a multi-axis 3D coordinate measuring platform and integrated with a two-axis gantry unit, which allows for fast and precise measurements of both physical and electrical attributes of devices and components in a wide range of product applications. One of the main advantages of KUBOTEK SKLS2-3 is its ability to perform multiple testing operations simultaneously, which significantly reduces manual labor costs and laboratory time. It uses advanced optical viewing technology, which significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of test measurements, while also providing an intuitive user experience. With its fast measuring speed and high-accuracy, SKLS2-3 makes it easy to quickly troubleshoot and evaluate any anomalies. Furthermore, the machine is capable of coordinating multiple test sequences, allowing it to quickly identify potential problems and take corrective action without interrupting the wafer testing process. It also includes preset recipes, allowing users to quickly recall settings from previous measurements and further improve testing accuracy. KUBOTEK SKLS2-3 can also be retrofitted to existing wafer testing systems, allowing for cost-effective expansion of testing capacity. The tool is designed for use in cleanrooms, with ratings up to Class 100 (ISO 5). It can also be configured for use in wet, corrosive, and dusty settings. Its standard configuration includes fully automated operation and an integrated touch screen panel. SKLS2-3 also incorporates various advanced capabilities, such as a built-in programmable logic controller (PLC) for interface with a variety of metrology tools, a real-time monitoring asset with recording of measured values in graphical or tabular form, and a powerful data analysis software package to automate data processing and analysis. KUBOTEK SKLS2-3 is the premier choice for large-scale wafer testing and metrology applications, with its advanced capabilities, reliability, and competitiveness for large volumes of tested components. Its robust management software further simplifies model integration into an overall production line, making it the ideal choice for automated wafer testing and metrology systems.
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