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ID: 9083669
Inspection machine.
LASERTECH 1LM21P is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides comprehensive testing and analysis of semiconductor and optoelectronic devices. This system enables users to evaluate the performance of individual device components, such as resistors, capacitors and transistors, in a very precise way. 1LM21P operates with a scanning diffraction optical microscope (SDOM) and provides a wide range of capabilities to its users. It provides accurate metrology, wafer testing and detection of defects in semiconductor structures. It also allows users to acquire data on test samples at high resolution, allowing minute variations in device characteristics to be identified. In addition, LASERTECH 1LM21P can characterize optical effects such as reflectance, absorption and diffraction. By combining these capabilities with specialized functionality such as electrical characteristics measurement, dark current imaging and stuck bit detection, users can evaluate the reliability of optoelectronic devices. The unit is equipped with a high performance image processor that allows the machine to quickly process images from the SDOM. The image processor utilizes parallel image processing techniques to enable faster processing in a multi-user environment. The processor can also be used to apply image analysis techniques such as segmentation and filtering allowing detection of even the smallest features. In addition, the tool includes an automated test plan builder which allows users to quickly construct tailored tests for their devices. The test plan builder contains a wide range of built-in test parameters and procedures which help users to save time and effort. 1LM21P also comes with lab grade accessories such as a wafer probe station, environment chambers, syringe pump and a total refractometer. These accessories allow users to perform their tests under a wide range of environmental conditions and ensure that their data is precise and accurate. In summary, LASERTECH 1LM21P is an advanced wafer testing and metrology asset that provides enhanced accuracy and performance for testing and evaluating semiconductor and optoelectronic devices. Its features such as parallel image processing, test plan builder, automated test plan and lab grade accessories make it an effective tool for wafer testing and metrology.
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