Used LEHIGHTON 1510C #9101496 for sale

ID: 9101496
System (3) heads: hi, low, and extra low resistivity range.
LEHIGHTON 1510C Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a production-grade wafer testing system used to detect, analyze, and measure surface defects on semiconductor wafers. This unit utilizes high-speed, laser-based inspection technology to provide accurate and repeatable measurements. 1510C's advanced laser optics give it superior imaging performance, providing a maximum surface defect detection resolution of 250nm. In addition, the machine's digital camera capability gives it the ability to capture clear images of any defects with 100,000 pixel resolution. This tool has a highly modular design with many features that make it an attractive choice for production-level testing applications. Its primary components consist of a laser head, two objectives, a focusing arm, an optics manipulator, and a motorized wafer stage. These components are designed to work together to detect and analyze any imperfections on the wafer surface. LEHIGHTON 1510C also comes with a variety of metrology software tools. These tools enable users to calibrate their imaging systems and accurately measure any detected defects. This asset supports different measurement methods, including optical profilometry, which is an important capability for production-level process control applications. 1510C model also offers a full suite of automated wafer testing features. These features include an autofocus equipment, an automated recognition system, and advanced defect classification capabilities. These features make it easier to identify and analyze defect patterns, further improving the efficiency of the testing process. Overall, LEHIGHTON 1510C Wafer Testing and Metrology Unit provides a reliable platform for production-level wafer testing. Its versatile components, automated features, and metrology software tools help streamline the wafer testing process, making it an attractive option for any organization searching for a highly efficient defect detection solution.
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