Used LEO GIKEN ASM-25B #9156513 for sale

ID: 9156513
Lifetime measurement system.
LEO GIKEN ASM-25B is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that is designed to facilitate accurate wafer metrology. The system utilizes micro four point probe technology to accurately measure electrical properties of a wafer, such as resistance, contact area, and resistance uniformity. As four point probes are inserted into the wafer, it is possible to scan an area up to two inches at a time, resulting in quicker test times than other wafer test systems on the market. The unit features a self-contained environment, with a controlled humidity of 50 percent within the cabinet, allowing for accurate measurements and providing repeatable results. Materials to be tested can be mounted onto a specimen stage which can then be scanned at adjustable speeds ranging from five to 100 millimeters per second. The test phases of ASM-25B require minimal operator involvement as measurements are taken and presented instantly via the integrated mechanism for real-time analysis. Data collection for the machine takes place in various formats such as jpg, bmp, gif, and tif. As the wafer testing and metrology is performed, outputs in terms of electrical characteristics, current, voltage, and resistance are rendered and measured by the tool. LEO GIKEN ASM-25B also offers a variety of other features such as an air cushion mechanism that provides a gentle touch when testing delicate wafers. Additionally, a wafer holder can be equipped in order to prevent vibrations during testing. An IP65-protected keyboard and monitor enhance the characteristics of the user-friendly asset, as these features ensure that the model is able to be positively used in almost any environment. Overall, ASM-25B combines accuracy, reliability, and practicality in order to provide leading-edge results in wafer metrology. The accurate and fast measurements offered by the equipment make it the ideal choice for any laboratory or semiconductor production line.
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