Used LOGITECH GI 20 #9105490 for sale

ID: 9105490
Flatness measurement system.
LOGITECH GI 20 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment by LOGITECH. The system is designed to enable fully automated wafer inspection and metrology processes for semiconductor industry. It utilizes proprietary algorithms and configurable hardware architectures to deliver enhanced performance. GI 20 unit has a modular design that is scaleable and configurable to meet customer needs. It is equipped with proprietary algorithms that enable precise measurements and accurate analysis of defects. Furthermore, the machine is capable of measuring not only films and layers, but also fault analysis. It also supports a wide variety of application types, from physical inspection of the wafer to electrical fault inspection. LOGITECH GI 20 tool utilizes multiple technologies to ensure the highest level of accuracy and repeatability of test results. Its optics asset has a broad spectral range of 7.5um to 15um and uses advanced optics properties to maximize light uniformity and image sharpness. The model is equipped with a universal 3-axis positioning equipment that allows it to precisely track objects and precisely measure distances between sample points. GI 20 also includes LOGITECH High Performance Graphic System (HP-GLS), which enables users to view real-time test results and analyze data quickly and efficiently. The HP-GLS also provides easy access to logging functions and calibration settings. The unit also includes several software packages, which allow users to customize test operations for their specific application requirements. Finally, LOGITECH GI 20's advanced control machine enables it to be programmed using LOGITECH Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI provides all the necessary tools for setting up tests, parameters and automated processing. The automated processing capabilities allow tests to be performed quicker and with greater accuracy than manual operations. Ultimately, GI 20 tool offers customers a reliable, accurate and flexible solution that can be used for wide variety of applications in the semiconductor industry.
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