Used MDC (Wafer Testing And Metrology) for sale

MDC is a renowned manufacturer of wafer testing and metrology equipment, providing cutting-edge technology and solutions for semiconductor industry. One of their flagship products is the CSM/16 system, which is an advanced wafer prober capable of performing comprehensive electrical testing on wafers. This system is designed with high accuracy and precision to ensure accurate measurements and reliable results. It offers a wide range of testing capabilities, including parametric testing, probe-to-pad alignment, and touch-down force control. Additionally, the CSM/16 system is equipped with a user-friendly interface and automated features, making it easy to operate and reducing the risk of human errors. Another notable product from MDC is the 8512 metrology system, which is specifically designed for wafer inspection and characterization. This system utilizes advanced imaging techniques to analyze various parameters of the wafer, such as film thickness, surface roughness, and feature size. It offers high resolution imaging and efficient data processing capabilities, providing valuable insights into the quality and performance of the wafers. MDC's wafer testing and metrology systems are widely recognized for their accuracy, reliability, and versatility. These units enable semiconductor manufacturers to ensure the quality of their wafers, identify and rectify any defects or issues, and optimize their manufacturing processes. By utilizing MDC's testing and metrology machines, companies can enhance their yield, reduce production costs, and improve overall product quality.

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