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MICROTRAC Nanotrac 150
ID: 9074226
Particle inspection system Range: Measurement capability from 0.0008 to 6.5 microns Rapid analysis: 15-30 seconds.
MICROTRAC Nanotrac 150 is a multi-functional equipment used for wafer end-point analysis across a variety of applications ranging from basic surface quality inspection to highly advanced metrology. It combines the power of both dynamic and passive techniques to ensure accurate and repeatable results. As a dynamic technique, Nanotrac 150 employs a scanning electron microscope to generate a series of images that provide a real-time, three-dimensional view of the surface of the wafer. In addition to topographical analysis, the system can also provide feature size measurements, defect characterizations, and package die integrity evaluations. The unit includes automated feature detection and analysis capabilities that allow both qualitative and quantitative data to be gathered quickly and accurately. As a passive technique, MICROTRAC Nanotrac 150 combines white light interferometry and confocal microscopy to measure small feature or profile heights in both low- and high-aspect-ratio structures. Features such as bridge height, scribe lines, and bump heights can be measured quickly and accurately with this machine. In addition to the above mentioned techniques, Nanotrac 150 uses an integrated microscope and scanning stage to provide wafer maps and other imaging solutions. A rotating stage can be used to measure feature widths or other parameters with high accuracy on the entire wafer surface. The tool also includes the ability to control the atmosphere within the chamber, to ensure that the imaging or sample measurements are not affected by outside environment influences. MICROTRAC Nanotrac 150 has become a critical tool in the semiconductor and wafer manufacturing industries. By providing reliable and repeatable measurements in both passive and dynamic mode, Nanotrac 150 has established itself as a quality benchmark. Its ability to provide an 'atmospheric window' from ambient conditions in which analysis and measurements are not disturbed by outside influences and its ability to gain detailed measurements from small features or high-aspect-ratio structures are attribute that have made MICROTRAC Nanotrac 150 a critical tool for wafer analysis and metrology.
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