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ID: 9097796
Vintage: 2005
System Quadruple mass spectrometer Software Manuals 2005 vintage.
MILLBROOK MiniSIMS is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for advanced semiconductor process control applications. The system enables rapid, accurate, and reliable evaluation of semiconductor wafers and individual devices. This powerful metrology tool is equipped with an advanced scanning electron microscope (SEM) along with a wide range of options and accessories to meet the needs of any customer. The unit offers an unprecedented level of throughput for testing single wafers or a batch of wafers simultaneously. It is capable of performing several analytical and image capture operations using multiple detectors that allow integration of data from the SEM, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), and imaging. MiniSIMS is dedicated to the analysis of device layers, interfaces, and defects in all types of semiconductor and optoelectronic devices using a full range of specialized image capture techniques. MILLBROOK MiniSIMS machine provides accurate analysis of a wide range of modern device structures, including transistors, diodes, MOSFETs, and optoelectronic devices. It allows users to acquire images at different magnifications based on the wafer's parameters. The information from these images can then be used to evaluate the quality of the structure, locate defects, and adjust the process parameters for optimal performance. It also offers a highly accurate Pattern Recognition utility which quickly identifies defect types like mask shorts, bridging, isolation values, and shorts without the need of any manual interaction. The tool is equipped with the latest Siemens-Kulite EDS asset which enhances the model's analytical capabilities. It enables chemical and structural analysis of devices at a high rate of speed which contributes to improved efficiency, flexibility, and faster response times. Additionally, the equipment allows users to take advantage of adaptive noise filtering and sophisticated image processing algorithms. Overall, MiniSIMS system is an ideal solution for advanced process control applications and offers customers the highly accurate analysis necessary for effective device testing and metrology. This unit provides users with reliable evaluation of semiconductor wafers and individual devices with a level of high precision and throughput that market leading systems struggle to match.
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