Used MITUTOYO YC-H260 #9227871 for sale

ID: 9227871
High precision film thickness measurement system.
MITUTOYO YC-H260 is a wafer metrology and inspection equipment designed for advanced wafer testing in diverse semiconductor manufacturing operations. The system features a high-performance stage control with an accuracy of up to 0.5 micrometer. The unit also features an integrated image acquisition machine that utilizes a full-frame complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor, allowing the user to capture high-quality images with strong details while optimizing camera performance. This tool features an advanced analytical asset capable of performing measurements of multiple specimens, obtaining the amplitude, intensity, and phases of the results with high accuracy. It also features a proprietary ECAD analyzer for extracting and analyzing the electrical characteristics of wafers. YC-H260 also features an environmental chamber that is compliant with several environmental standards, thus allowing the user to evaluate various materials with various temperatures. Its high-precision Z axis ensures the model's integrity by controlling the movement of the sample stage to make sure it is properly aligned with the camera and the optical equipment. With its automated focus system, the unit is equipped with an intensified range of focus for capturing sharp images with a high depth of field. The machine is also equipped with advanced software that provides flexible analysis of a variety of images, allowing users to customize their own measurement and analysis programs. It is capable of performing complicated alignments and measurements with sharp images and reliable data, also with functions such as pattern matching and tracking. This tool allows the user to produce high-precision measurements with a low-noise rate, providing accurate results and reproducible data for efficient analysis of several specimens. This asset uses unique technology to detect 100 micrometers particles with 32 levels of sensitivity, which makes for clear and accurate imaging. It is also equipped with several inspection filters and options that the user can employ for various measurements. It further has several visual inspection functions, color analysis functions, and size analysis functions for analyzing and judging the state of the sample and its characteristics. The model is also fitted with a USB port that allows the user to easily connect to a PC and transfer or store data, as well as receive data from the host computer.
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