Used MSI ELECTRONICS 466 #9123937 for sale

ID: 9123937
Mercury probe measurement system Hg CV Plotter.
MSI ELECTRONICS 466 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides a high level of accuracy and throughput for measuring the physical characteristics of wafers and components. With its advanced automated inspection and analysis capabilities, the system is capable of testing multiple wafers simultaneously for any number of wafer characteristics including electrical resistance, thickness, width, height, and crystallographic phase. Its optical metrology and inspection capabilities provide precise analysis of a variety of wafer characteristics such as defect size and location; grain size and distribution; and crystallographic orientation in atoms. 466 features a high-resolution CCD imaging unit which allows the user to see and measure the size and location of defects that may be present on the wafer surface. In addition to defect measurement and inspection, the machine can perform precision survey experiments to determine both surface and subsurface parameters including wafer thickness, oxide thickness, grain size, and crystallographic phase and orientation analysis. MSI ELECTRONICS 466 tool has an experienced user-friendly interface in both manual and automatic modes, allowing users to view and manipulate data quickly and efficiently. It has advanced data mining and data exploitation capabilities which allow the user to perform detailed inquiry and analysis of wafers and components with minimal time and effort. The asset also features powerful software tools for defect identification, visualization, and presentation. The model can also be used for wafer cleaning and flatness measurement which can improve product quality and reduce production costs. The equipment also includes a wafer-handling system that eliminates potential mechanical damage and enables smooth operation for high-quality wafer testing. 466 is suitable for research and development as well as for production purposes. It is an ideal unit for testing a variety of modern and hard-to-reach materials. The machine offers excellent performance, precision, and accuracy at an affordable price, making it an attractive option for any research or production environment.
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