Used MSI ELECTRONICS Hg-102 #194077 for sale

ID: 194077
Mercury probe measurement system.
MSI ELECTRONICS Hg-102 wafer testing and metrology equipment is a full-featured, state-of-the-art system designed to facilitate the measurement and analysis of wafers in a variety of industries. It provides a single, integrated platform that can be used for both test and metrology processes. The unit was designed for use in research and development, characterization, and production environments, making it ideal for any demanding applications. Hg-102 is capable of measuring a wide range of wafer parameters, including thickness, stress, strain, resistivity, capacitance, and doping. It also has the capability to measure full electrical characteristics over full wafer areas. The machine is equipped with a special high-resolution charged particle imaging tool, which utilizes high-speed digital imaging and signal processing for efficient characterization of materials on the wafer. MSI ELECTRONICS Hg-102 comes equipped with a wide variety of software packages, including fast analysis algorithms and automated control capabilities. It also allows the user to access a wide range of statistical methods to characterize and monitor quality control. The asset is highly customizable and can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. It has the capability to measure up to 6 axes of motion simultaneously, making it suitable for three-dimensional metrology applications. Hg-102 also provides a readout and display model for visualizing patterns and tests on the wafer. MSI ELECTRONICS Hg-102 is also capable of performing non-destructive testing. It is equipped with a focused ion beam equipment, which provides a high-resolution view of defect structures and the interior of devices. The system is also capable of performing optical and electron microscopy, as well as automated image processing. The unit also offers a wide range of connectivity options, allowing users to integrate their measurements and tests into a larger workflow or export the data into a variety of formats. Hg-102 is also equipped with a comprehensive user-friendly interface, allowing users to quickly set up and customize the machine to meet their specific needs without requiring advanced technical knowledge. MSI ELECTRONICS Hg-102 from MSI ELECTRONICS is a highly capable and reliable solution for researching, testing, and monitoring wafer parameters. It offers high accuracy and resolution, combined with flexibility and advanced automation capabilities. The tool can be configured to suit a variety of applications, making it an ideal choice for any advanced wafer testing or metrology needs.
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