Used MVI AV-6010 #9148600 for sale

MVI AV-6010
ID: 9148600
Vintage: 2006
Inspection machine 2006 vintage.
MVI AV-6010 Wafer Testing and Metrology equipment offers a powerful suite of technologies that can be used to thoroughly evaluate film deposition thickness, etch depth, and overall wafer flatness. The system offers automated, multi-directional scanning and metric sensing with six separate measurement techniques for unparalleled accuracy and throughput. AV-6010 is available with a variety of automation options to expand throughput and improve repeatability. The unit features an integrated process controller with a high-precision, 6-zone Digital Sampler for sample collection. This allows for rapid scans at different wafer feed speeds for improved efficiency. The integrated motion controller also supports multiple probe positions and multi-directional scanning, giving operators the flexibility to pick the scanning pattern that best suits their process. MVI AV-6010 provides cutting-edge optical profiling through a combination of visible light imaging and optical profilometry. This combination allows for on-the-fly mapping and analysis of topographical features on the surface of a wafer. Optical profiling can be used to measure the profile of an entire wafer, or just specific regions to evaluate thin film deposition thickness and uniformity. The machine also offers debonding / etch back testing, an automated process that can be used to evaluate how well a wafer is protected from other layers of subsequent films. This is especially useful for processes such as electroplating that require multiple film layers. AV-6010 incorporates a powerful intelligent software platform that controls all the parameters for the automated testing and analysis process. This platform allows for customizable programming as well as providing trending data that can be used to chart the results of a test over time. In summary, MVI AV-6010 Wafer Testing and Metrology tool provides a comprehensive suite of technologies that can be used to accurately and quickly evaluate film deposition, etching depth, flatness, and topographical mapping. It is an ideal solution for manufactuers and research facilities that require a fast and reliable way to assess the quality of their wafer fabrication process.
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