Used N&K 1500 #9111336 for sale

ID: 9111336
Wafer Size: 4"-8"
Analyzer, 4"-8" Spot size: 1 mm Automated X-Y stage Duracom Proforma computer HP P/N: G1103A LUDL Electronic Products Cat. No.: 73000101, Virtual Industries Vacuum SMD-VAC GP, P/N: V8000 Joystick/Controller Standard Sample SiO2 Wafer Software: Version 1 (3 floppies) Version 2 (3 floppies) Additional floppy of Default Materials 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 300 W.
N&K 1500 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for the characterization of advanced semiconductor devices. The system features an integrated wafer handling and testing platform that provides complete control over the testing procedure. The unit includes a high-precision robotic handling machine which can move the wafer substrates to the predetermined testing positions. It also features a precision measurement tool that enables accurate measurements on wafer parameters such as dielectric constant, sheet resistance, capacitance, and transistor parameters. A powerful software package allows operators to set up a comprehensive testing and metrology procedure for optimal results. 1500 has a large variety of testing and characterization tools, including the C-LABS 1000, which provides high-precision measurements of dielectric constant, sheet resistance, capacitance, and transistor parameters. The asset also has a model memory of up to 1,000,000 data points, allowing operators to store large amounts of data for analysis. The included metrology software allows for accurate alignment of test substrates, enabling engineers to rapidly screen hundreds of wafers simultaneously. In addition, the equipment is equipped with automated identification, measurement, and data logging capabilities, allowing operators to quickly and accurately characterize a variety of different wafers in a single test process. Furthermore, the software package offers full compatibility with a range of calibration devices, enabling operators to quickly and efficiently adjust the instrument for different types of wafers and devices. N&K 1500 is a cutting-edge wafer testing and metrology system designed for advanced semiconductor device characterization. The unit provides users with a comprehensive and accurate test platform, enabling quick and efficient collection of data, characterization, and testing. By utilizing the powerful software package, operators can setup a comprehensive testing and metrology procedure, allowing them to rapidly screen hundreds of devices in a single test process.
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