Used N&K 1700RT #9221718 for sale

ID: 9221718
Vintage: 2005
Wafer analyzer Penetration ratio measurement system Different phase mask 2005 vintage.
N&K 1700RT is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for double-sided wafers with a high-precision testing capability. Its sophisticated architecture ensures maximum safety and repeatability, and unprecedented accuracy in the measurements achieved. The system utilizes a custom optical design to measure the characteristics of wafer surfaces. This includes measuring surface topography, flatness, warp, and high-spatial resolution imaging. It features integrated 2D imaging capability with a mounted camera which captures a very detailed view of the wafer. The imaging sensor delivers high-accuracy images to the testing unit providing in-process feedback. In addition, the machine includes advanced electrometer technology which ensures accurate electrical testing. This includes resistivity, surface roughness, and radiography, among other qualities. Its electrometer offers the highest accuracy in measurement and quick data collection. 1700RT also features precision indexing which makes it easy to position the wafer for testing. It includes a specially designed indexer which moves the wafer position with up to an accuracy of 0.1 μm. This ensures a repeatable results with high precision and accuracy. The tool comes equipped with an automated ability to perform operations such as processing, sorting, or marking wafers. This allows the asset to quickly assess and perform any action required. It is capable of performing multiple batch operations with built-in sequence programming - making it extremely efficient. Overall, N&K 1700RT is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology model packaged with intuitive, automated features making it an ideal choice for users looking for a robust, accurate, and reliable equipment. It not only offers advanced testing and metrology capabilities, but speeds up the entire process with fast data acquisition and batch processing.
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