Used N&K 3300 #137658 for sale

N&K 3300
ID: 137658
Wafer Size: 12"
Vintage: 2002
Metrology system, 12" Spotsize: 50 µm 2002 vintage.
N&K 3300 wafer testing and metrology equipment delivers high-accuracy, high throughput and reliable measurements of wafer devices across a wide array of substrates. The system features a robust set of features designed to reduce measurement time while increasing accuracy. 3300 utilizes advanced image processing technology to automatically identify devices on the substrate, extract relevant data and perform measurements such as electrical tests and defect inspections. This unit is capable of measuring and analyzing up to 16 devices simultaneously. N&K 3300 can measure resistivity, capacitance, inductance, and other electrical characteristics of wafer devices. Other test parameters that may be determined include leakage current, device geometry, carrier mobility and contact resistance. Additionally, 3300 includes specialized metrology hardware for analyzing device flatness or sidewall roughness. N&K 3300 also contains a unique feature in which the machine can automatically adjust its parameters based on the device characteristics it identifies. This allows for greater accuracy by accounting for mounting differences and stack height variations between devices resulting in more reliable results. In addition to its features, 3300 is designed to meet rigorous standards of repeatability and accuracy. The tool utilizes a number of error correction algorithms to achieve nanometer precision, as well as a crosstalk cancellation algorithm which reduces noise interference and increases signal-to-noise ratio. This well-engineered asset is also self-monitoring and capable of detecting mechanical misalignments and environmental changes to ensure proper working conditions. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive control model, N&K 3300 can reduce test time while still producing reliable and accurate measurements. All in all, 3300 wafer testing and metrology equipment delivers high-accuracy, high throughput, and reliable measurements for a wide array of substrates. Its sophisticated feature set enables engineers to refine product assembly and production techniques, providing better yields in a fraction of the time.
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