Used NANO SYSTEM 3025 CIS #9153476 for sale

ID: 9153476
Depth measurement system.
NANO Equipment 3025 CIS (Compact Inspection System) is a high-performance wafer testing and metrology unit designed for manufacturing semiconductor chips. This machine has been developed to enable efficient and reliable testing of small and new technologies, such as wafers, integrated circuits (ICs), and thin-film transistors (TFTs). The tool's tool is built to measure the electrical characteristics of these components, such as resistances, capacitances, and current leakage. 3025 CIS is designed to measure with high accuracy and speed, as well as helping to reduce personnel time and costs. Its precision is capable of measuring with high accuracy across different parts, including components which are less than 0.03 mm in size. In comparison to other inspection systems, this asset has a CCD digital camera and LED combined optical microscope, with a 3-D focus that further enhances the precision of its measurements. The device is also equipped with a highly sensitive laser and measuring device for inspecting the product. This feature is typically used for detecting any abnormal area or defect on the component. For example, it can detect grain boundaries, electric shorts, and any other foreign objects on the wafer. It also has the capacity for identifying voids, cracks, and warpage. NANO Model 3025 CIS has a direct computer communication, with a user interface that gives the user full control of the equipment's operation. It is capable of storing and recalling recipes and test parameters for better performance. Moreover, the system is highly compatible with different programming languages such as C and C++, making it ideal for development and optimization of production processes. The device also provides powerful features such as its built-in data logger and its ability to complement with other inspection systems. In addition, the unit is powered by an intuitive touchscreen panel and is interconnected to its data bases for better performance. Finally, it is fully compliant with several quality test standards such as IPC-A-610E, IPC-6010, ISO 9001:2015, ANSI/ESD S20.20, J-STD-001, and UL/IEC/EN 6238 requirements. Overall, 3025 CIS is a versatile wafer testing and metrology machine designed to achieve higher accuracy with its built-in features. It is an ideal device for quality control and production development processes for semiconductor components.
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