Used NANO SYSTEM NV-1000 #9219498 for sale

ID: 9219498
Surface profiler No PC.
NANO Equipment NV-1000 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology system from Nanometrics that enables fast, accurate, and reliable characterization of micro/nanostructured materials, including metrology for wafer-scale processed devices. This unit provides unparalleled performance and unsurpassed accuracy. NV-1000 offers a wide array of features, including an advanced optical imaging engine, a 10-channel automated robotic handler, and a multi-stage high-resolution imaging machine. This tool is equipped with an unlimited number of programmable test paths, allowing the user to test and measure any complex microdevice. NANO Asset NV-1000 has a unique user interface, making it easy to create, modify, and manipulate nanoscale structures and test parameters. Additionally, the model has built-in capabilities for the creation of custom metrology reports for all types of nanostructured materials. NV-1000's advanced optical imaging engine combines digital image processing, specialized optics and high-sensitivity optical sensors to provide the highest quality images and analysis. The 10-channel robotic handler allows the user to quickly and accurately locate and characterise complex micro devices. The 8-stage high-resolution imaging equipment features an automated sample positioning stage which allows the user to accurately and reliably measure the size and shape of nanostructures. Finally, the system provides in-situ and real-time data analysis capabilities, allowing users to observe and monitor the nanostructure evolution over time. This ensures accuracy and repeatability on a wide variety of test conditions. NANO Unit NV-1000 is the ideal machine for wafer-scale metrology and testing. It gives engineers and scientists the reliable and accurate results they need to quickly and accurately characterize and measure nanostructures.
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