Used NANO SYSTEM NVM-3025 CIS #9153463 for sale

ID: 9153463
Surface profiling system Includes (1) Vacuum gauge (1) AF Filter (1) Regulator (1) Filter regulator (1) Circuit breaker (1) Solid state relay (2) 2-Phase micro step drive (1) IO opto-isolation PCB board (2) Motion controllers (2) Power supplies.
NANO Equipment NVM-3025 CIS is a wafer testing and metrology system designed to keep commercial and industrial requirements for precision metrology in mind. Manufactured by NANO Unit, this all-in-one performer is capable of both low-level and high-level testing and metrology of semiconductor wafers. NVM-3025 CIS has a number of features that make it ideal for a number of applications, including the following: High-resolution imaging: NANO Machine NVM-3025 CIS is designed to provide image resolution up to 5 μm per pixel, allowing for accurate inspection of semiconductor devices. This can be used for everything from analyzing transistor gate length to characterizing etch depth. Automatic surface roughness characterization: This tool is capable of measuring parameters such as surface roughness, surface topology, and thickness in just a few seconds. This makes it the perfect tool for process control and defect analysis. High speed scanning: NVM-3025 CIS intuitive interface and high-speed scanning can perform a wafer scan, analyze data, and provide results in just 18 seconds. This capability allows users to quickly identify issues with process optimization, critical defect inspection, and other applications. Multiple tool combinations: NANO Asset NVM-3025 CIS can accept multiple stage combinations to facilitate complex metrology tasks. The model can be used with a number of specialized tools, including surface roughnessprofilers, microscope systems, interferometers, and others to allow for a wide range of testing capabilities. Multi-level micro-level control: NVM-3025 CIS uses multi-level micro-level control systems to facilitate accurate metrology results. This equipment allows for precise operation and measurement of critical parameters so the system can provide accurate and repeatable results. Quality assurance automation: NANO Unit NVM-3025 CIS is programmed with automation protocols that aid in the quality assurance of wafer-level test data. The robust machine can analyze results in real-time and alert personnel immediately when an anomaly is detected. NVM-3025 CIS is an ideal choice for precision metrology of semiconductor wafers. Its high-resolution imaging, rapid scanning speed, and finely tuned automation protocols make it an invaluable tool on the production floor.
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