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Econo System Rack ER-1.
NANOMETRICS / BIO-RAD / ACCENT 731-8200 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers precision metrology measurements for the semiconductor industry. It's designed to provide accuracy and repeatability with a wide range of wafer sizes and materials. ACCENT 731-8200 is the next-generation system in ACCENT product line. It comes with a number of features to help speed up throughput and reduce cost of ownership. One of these features is a high speed laser interferometer, which can measure limits with an accuracy of 1.2 microns per second, and can image wafers up to 20 mm thick and 1000 mm in diameter. BIO-RAD 731-8200 also features a precision XY stage, enabling users to position the wafer accurately and quickly. The premium optical probes, optimized for wafer metrology, offer excellent non-contact scanning capability, excellent resolution, and high signal-to-noise ratio. Thanks to the comprehensive range of 2D and 3D metrology capabilities, the unit is ideal for surface, edge, and through-thickness measurements. 731-8200 also offers innovative automated process monitoring. This helps to reduce measurement time by analyzing complex data patterns and then automatically adjusting the process conditions as required. For users looking for advanced wafer testing and metrology capabilities, NANOMETRICS 731-8200 is an ideal option. NANOMETRICS / BIO-RAD / ACCENT 731-8200 machine allows users to scan and measure a wide range of wafer sizes, materials, and geometries, allowing for the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. It also has extensive software support for customizable process condition monitoring and optimization. Thanks to its premium optical probes, ACCENT 731-8200 offers superior metrology in a cost-effective package.
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