Used NANOMETRICS / BIO-RAD / ACCENT PX 1 #9127507 for sale

ID: 9127507
Vintage: 2014
Foils microplate plate sealers 2014 vintage.
NANOMETRICS / BIO-RAD / ACCENT PX 1 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment used for advanced semiconductor IC design, fabrication and characterisation. It provides highly accurate, repeatable and reliable results with superior feature detection and resolution. The system has the ability to measure complex struc¬tures such as DRAMs, SoCs, SRAMs, Flash and other ICs on a variety of substrates, including wafer materials, photoresists, glass, and ceramic substrates. ACCENT PX 1 uses state-of-the-art metrology technology, providing multiple measurement channels that can be independently configured for a variety of applications. It includes a high-resolution, full colour, top-down imaging unit that can be used to automatically detect and count features, or to determine their dimensions, shape and pattern orientation. In addition, the machine has an optical profiler with vertical resolution as low as 0.5nm and lateral resolution of 1um. This allows the user to simultaneously measure shape, position, diameter and depth of features. BIO-RAD PX 1 also offers a wide range of choices for sample positioning. The tool is equipped with an XYZ-scanning table which can move samples up to 200mm in the x and y direction, with a minimum step size of 1μm. In addition, the asset is capable of automatically detecting and counting patterns and features on wafers of different dimensions. The user interface of NANOMETRICS PX 1 is designed for easy control and data acquisition. It includes powerful scripting languages for data analysis, manipulation, and interpretation. The model also supports multi language operation, allowing users to create powerful scripts with their own language. Overall, PX 1 is highly suitable for advanced wafer testing and metrology applications. It offers best-in-class performance, accuracy and resolution, allowing users to measure complex structures with ease and precision. The equipment is compact, cost-effective and can be used in a variety of production and laboratory environments.
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