Used NANOMETRICS / BIO-RAD / ACCENT Universal Hood II #9178980 for sale

ID: 9178980
Molecular imager gel system.
NANOMETRICS / BIO-RAD / ACCENT Universal Hood II is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for precise, automated device characterization of semiconductor wafers. This wafer testing and metrology system allows for precise, accurate measurements of a wide range of device characteristics, with a high degree of repeatability and ease of use. The unit is comprised of a central unit with multiple modules, including a sample chamber, an x-y stage, a vision machine, and a wafer handling tool. The sample chamber allows for an efficient testing environment, providing uniform temperature and humidity levels. The x-y stage is capable of precise movement in two directions, allowing MetrologyACCENT Universal Hood II to accurately measure wafer characteristics with a high degree of accuracy. The vision asset is comprised of a variety of lenses and imaging detecting devices, providing the user with real-time, in-depth visual feedback. The wafer handling model features advanced automation features such as automated loading and unloading of wafers, as well as precise adjusting of the wafer position. The equipment also features a variety of software programs, providing users with a comprehensive suite of tools and features. These include tools for device parameter optimization, device fault identification, system data logging and analysis, and more. The unit also provides an online library of pre-packaged device testing and measurement recipes. These recipes enable users to quickly develop and repeat tests to ensure accuracy. Additionally, the machine is designed with multiple user interfaces and peripheral connection options for efficient and seamless communication. This allows the user to easily modify testing parameters and access results for further analysis. The tool comes with a dedicated user manual and software for help in operation and troubleshooting. Overall, BIO-RAD Universal Hood II is an efficient and user-friendly solution for accurate and automatic device characterization of a wide range of semiconductor wafers. Its versatile design, trusted components, and powerful software capabilities provide users with reliable, accurate results every time.
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