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ID: 9018709
Automatic measurement system, 6" - 8" Resolution: 1um 90wph Flat Panel Monitor Integrated Windows server with hard drive ghost Rack mounted UPS system Metro Boost real time analysis Software 150X objective SECS II package GEM package V1.810 PC DOS 7.0 ACV (Accuvision) with Netscape, INXS based CD and overlay measurements in the same recipe Performs on copper, CMP, STI, and tungsten plug Structural metrology algorithms CD-Z, CD-Offset, CD-Step, die matrix placement, and adaptive contact Adaptive algorithms Automation with <0.1 degree pre-alignment accuracy.
NANOMETRICS IVS 185 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that helps engineers in the development of next-generation electronic components. This type of system is designed to provide more accurate and repeatable readings in high tech device production. It enables the measurement of various device parameters such as electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. In its standard configuration, IVS 185 contains several integrated subsystems including a motion control stage, a video microscope, a metrology profiler, and an inspection instrument. These comprise a highly sensitive and precise wafer inspection and metrology unit on the research and manufacturing level. The motion control stage is a parametric mechanical positioning machine that provides stable measuring points by controlling the device's position and orientation on the wafer. The video microscope is equipped with high-end focusing and magnification capabilities for data acquisition in fine detail and supports both bright field and dark field imaging. The metrology profiler is a dedicated ultraprecise instrument that captures surface topography and geometric information from the device in various stages of its manufacture. The inspection instrument includes a CCD camera and advanced features to detect and quantify flaws in the device such as scratches, surface contamination, and discrepancies in size. NANOMETRICS IVS 185 is also equipped with high quality material identification capabilities. These capabilities include optical emission spectrometer and X-ray fluorescence detectors that enable fast and accurate chemical composition measurements. Additionally, the tool provides comprehensive data collection and analysis for quality assurance purposes, from detailed process descriptions to graphical display of the device performance parameters. IVS 185 is a multifunctional wafer testing and metrology asset used for a wide range of wafer related research and process applications. It offers significant advantages over previous generations of wafer testing systems, including best in class accuracy, speed, and flexibility. With its wide variety of scalability and integration options, NANOMETRICS IVS 185 revolutionizes the way engineers design and develop today's most advanced electronic components.
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