Used NANOMETRICS LYNX #9212673 for sale

ID: 9212673
Wafer Size: 12"
Vintage: 2011
Critical dimension measurement system, 12" Nano OCD Loading configuration: (4) Load ports EFEM Metro unit Power rating: 200 VAC~240 VAC, Single phase 2011 vintage.
NANOMETRICS LYNX is a recognized industry leader in wafer testing and metrology. It incorporates state-of-the-art measurement technology to conduct wafer-level testing and metrology tasks with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The equipment provides real-time, high-speed, non-invasive, and high-accuracy metrology on a variety of wafer material types, primarily silicon wafers and silicon/germanium (SiGe) wafers. LYNX system is designed to work in close collaboration with lithography equipment, such as by controlling the stepper and other related process equipment, improving the wafers' feature size uniformity across the lot in high-power semiconductor designs. With its high-resolution, high-speed imaging capabilities, the unit can provide fast and precise measurements of lithographically-formed features on a wafer's surface at both high and low-magnification settings. In addition, the machine includes an advanced measurement engine that is capable of automated pattern recognition operations. It uses highly optimized algorithms to identify key features on the wafer and automatically create true position measurements. This process allows the tool to deliver wafer-level die placement accuracy measurements with microsecond precision. The asset also incorporates a powerful control platform, which enables users to easily configure and modify set-up parameters according to user preferences. It stores the customized requirements, allowing the model to be quickly and easily set-up for the most demanding metrology projects. NANOMETRICS LYNX hardware consists of a high-speed, high-resolution imaging equipment, a precision alignment system for calibrating the unit components, and a stepper-compatible control machine. It is integrated with a software suite that offers a wide range of measurement capabilities, such as line width, feature height and tilt, as well as defect rating. The software also provides powerful functions for image segmentation, automatic fixture identification and calibration, and support for multiple languages. In addition, the software unleashes the full potential of the tool by providing advanced optimization tools to automatically improve the detector's performance and minimize noise from the environment. The asset is built with a modular design, allowing users to configure the model with additional components. This scalability allows the equipment to provide precise and repeatable measurements for a variety of wafer sizes and characteristics. Overall, LYNX system is an industry-leading metrology tool that provides high-quality measurements with unprecedented speed and accuracy, while integrating seamlessly with lithography equipment for wafer-level die placement accuracy measurements.
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