Used NEC IR 2110 #187284 for sale

NEC IR 2110
ID: 187284
Vintage: 2003
Testing system 2003 vintage.
NEC IR 2110 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for high-volume process control in the semiconductor industry. IR 2110 is a fully automated, modular system capable of accurately measuring chips in different sizes and orientations. The unit has a large measurement capability including image processing, electrical testing and optical measurements. Using NEC IR 2110, users can quickly and accurately measure the performance characteristics of their complex ICs including size, shape, 3D profile, optical characteristics, electrical parameters and mechanical properties. The machine operates in vacuum for accurate measurements and high repeatability, with excellently repeatable results. IR 2110 is a powerful and versatile tool, capable of measuring a large number of user-defined features and parameters. It is also capable of performing fast and accurate non-contact image measurement. Its advanced imaging technology includes light detection and ranging (LIDAR) capabilities, allowing it to measure a wide range of features quickly and accurately in three dimensions. The tool is equipped with an infrared (IR) imaging asset, enabling accurate measurements in a broad range of NIR wavelengths. This model provides high-performance imaging and depth profiling capabilities, which are useful in the measurement of chip features. This equipment is also equipped with an advanced imaging system, enabling the measurement of a wide range of electrical parameters such as gate voltage, threshold voltage and current-voltage characteristics. For metrology applications, the unit is equipped with an optical measurement machine to give accurate results for topography analysis and layout verification. With its high accuracy, speed, stability andability to measure both wafer surface and volume, NEC IR 2110 is ideal for metrology in the semiconductor industry. IR 2110 is an ideal tool for precision measurement, control and analysis of chips in the semiconductor industry. It is an efficient, accurate and reliable tool which enables users to maximize their manufacturing performance and yield. With its advanced imaging, testing and metrology capabilities, NEC IR 2110 is an excellent tool for meeting any process control requirements.
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