Used NEWPORT / ROI Datastar #9211710 for sale

ID: 9211710
Vision metrology system Table: 150x200x150.
NEWPORT / ROI Datastar equipment is a sophisticated wafer testing and metrology system designed for use in semiconductor fabrication. This unit is part of a larger network of highly advanced metrology tools manufactured by a UK based engineering technology company. It is designed to measure and analyze the physical parameters of semiconductor materials in production line, such as surface roughness, critical dimensions, and geometrical tolerances. The machine provides accurate results and advanced data analysis for a wide variety of materials. ROI Datastar incorporates an optical profilometer and a high-precision CCD camera, both of which are designed for measuring and analyzing highly precise semiconductor material properties. The optical microscopy offers favorable resolution and high quality imaging for detection and analysis of small features on micron-level and nanometer-level scale. Additionally, the tool provides detailed scanning and surface imaging capabilities, allowing for detection and analysis of a wide range of physical parameters. NEWPORT Datastar is compatible with a number of tools and systems, including ROI (Robotic Optical Inspection) and automated defect detection systems. This asset works in tandem with the automated testing tools to ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability of test data. Additionally, it is capable of collecting data in a wide array of formats and allowing for thorough processing of test results. The advanced measurement capabilities of Datastar are used to improve the quality and reliability of semiconductor materials. The model can measure the physical characteristics of a wide range of integrated devices and devices in development, such as transistors, memories, resistors, and power devices. NEWPORT / ROI Datastar also offers a variety of data analysis tools, allowing for interpretation of test results in comparison to other test device parameters. The equipment's versatility and accuracy mean that it is a valuable tool in the production of high-quality semiconductor materials. The reliable results and detailed metrics make it possible to achieve the highest yields and quality levels. Additionally, the system is easy to use and maintain, which contributes to its popularity and low total cost of ownership.
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