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ID: 9148766
Resistivity measurement system Device specification: Target crystalline solar cell Si wafer Type: Single crystal Size: 156 mm Resistance: 0.3 [ohm-cm] Repeatability: 2% Lifetime: 0.1 μs Repeatability: 3% Tact time: 3 Sec / Piece Usage environment Ambient temperature: 23 °C ± 2 °C Ambient humidity: 50 ± 10% Utility: Fixed voltage: 3 Ph, AC 200 V ± 10%, 26 A, compressed air Pressure: 0.5MPa 30L / min Access to diameter: φ 10 mm Number of connections: 1 Line general exhaust.
NIHON BIONICS SWB-156RL is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides high accuracy and repeatability for critical wafer measurements. Its capability covers most testing and metrology techniques used in modern semiconductor circuit development, including capacitance-voltage (CV) testing, resistivity testing, optical microscopy, and electrical properties measurements. SWB-156RL is equipped with high-resolution optical microscope and 3D surface imaging system, enabling detailed inspection of wafer surfaces under different lightings. It is also equipped with two front-side wafer probes at different angles, providing precise measurements for small and large geometries of different feature sizes. The unit is also equipped with a computer controlled XY-stage, allowing multiple targets to be measured simultaneously. Digital image processing algorithms are used on the sample images, to measure different parameters such as shape, size, area, perimeter, etc., ensuring accurate quantification of test results. In addition, NIHON BIONICS SWB-156RL offers a wide range of wafer electrical test capabilities, such as drive and sensing measurements, capacitance-voltage testing, integrated circuit temperature testing, and dc regrowth tests. The machine also offers test capability for contact resistance testing and contact resistance map, dielectric constant testing, and offset voltage testing. Its advanced contact engine is able to precisely measure contact resistance, providing accurate evaluation of device contacts and interconnects. In terms of accuracy and repeatability, the tool offers 0.2% accuracy for CV measurements and 0.1V sensitivity of sensing. It eliminates the dependence on manual alignment and tedious switching between probes, enabling efficient testing of numerous types of devices with minimal technician involvement. Other features of SWB-156RL include auto-scaling measurement capability, automatic recognition and correction of probe offset, and an integrated software package featuring a user-friendly interface, data collections, and analysis capabilities. For added convenience, the asset is provided with a universal power supply so that it can be operated electronically from any voltage source (AC/DC). Overall, NIHON BIONICS SWB-156RL is a unique and powerful wafer testing and metrology model that provides high accuracy and repeatability measurements for critical wafer tests. It is an invaluable tool for semiconductor circuit development, allowing engineers to achieve reliable high-volume testing and improve their design and fabrication processes.
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