Used NIKON AM-601M #9059257 for sale

ID: 9059257
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 1996
Reticle inspection system, 6", 1996 vintage.
NIKON AM-601M is a high-precision wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable advanced metrology and high-efficiency testing. It is a multi-axis, fully automatic wafer testing and metrology system. It features an automated wafer handling unit, a high-resolution digital imaging machine, superior metrology and testing accuracy, and a wide array of configurable options. AM-601M offers a variety of features and performance capabilities designed to address advanced wafer testing and metrology needs. The automated wafer handler offers repeatable handling and accurate transport, allowing for highly efficient production. The integrated metrology tool boasts high-precision measuring capabilities, delivering a wide range of measurements, including critical dimensions, composition, and film thickness. The integrated imaging asset is equipped with up to five zone automation, providing enhanced data collection capabilities. With its high-resolution optical, imaging, metrology, and testing capabilities, NIKON AM-601M is ideal for a variety of wafer testing and metrology applications. The optical components enable precise readings of wafer geometry and composition, enabling characterization of optical properties of advanced layers and defects. The imaging model enables automated 3D data collection, delivering high-accuracy, repeatable measurements. The integrated metrology equipment offers a variety of functions, such as critical dimension, surface morphology, and nano-particle characterization, allowing for comprehensive process validation. Additionally, AM-601M offers advanced software support for data management, helping to streamline the test and metrology operation. The system also features a robust data analysis package, providing comprehensive data analysis capabilities. The software tools allow for efficient management of the testing and metrology process, allowing for fast and accurate quality assurance. NIKON AM-601M is reliable and robust, offering superior performance in demanding wafer testing and metrology applications. With its advanced features, integrated imaging and metrology, and comprehensive software support, it is an ideal solution for complex metrology and testing challenges.
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