Used NIKON AM-601M #9209442 for sale

ID: 9209442
Auto pellicle mounter.
NIKON AM-601M is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment that is designed to precisely measure the properties of semiconductor wafers. The system utilizes advanced automated algorithms that allow for precise and accurate inspection of these materials, yielding highly reliable results. The unit is designed to be easily programmable, allowing for its integration into existing production lines or laboratory experiments. AM-601M features a large imaging field and a high-resolution camera that allows for the inspection of a variety of wafer-based devices. This automated machine is capable of obtaining highly precise measurement of various uniform and non-uniform properties, including displacement, distance, width, height, area, pressure, etc. NIKON AM-601M utilizes a digital microscope tool, which can capture and analyze microscopic images with an accuracy of up to 1 nanometer. This asset also uses advanced optical image processing algorithms, allowing it to accurately detect errors in the formation of semiconductor structures. It is further equipped with a scanning electron microscope, which enables it to obtain 3D imaging of wafer specimen surfaces. The model further has the capability to detect optical defects on the wafer surface, including bare spots, glare, and small die-size mismatches. AM-601M is also equipped with a laser source, allowing it to measure laser signs, such as hillocks and dishing, which are normally difficult to observe by other methods. NIKON AM-601M is capable to run a variety of metrology tasks, including wafer stress, finish measurement, step heights, and profile smoothness. It is also capable of measuring thickness of films on wafer and detecting film defects. NIKON-AM-601M has a user-friendly computer interface, which helps to make measurements as accurate as possible. Moreover, its advanced automation helps reduce the time required for the process. NIKON AM-601M is used in a wide range of industries, including precision engineering, electronics manufacturing, consumer products, automotive, and aerospace industry. Its robust design ensures long-term reliability and durability, making it an ideal choice for advanced wafer testing and metrology operations.
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