Used NIKON X6PF-UBD #9148549 for sale

ID: 9148549
Metrology inspection system.
NIKON X6PF-UBD is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment for use in semiconductor fabrication facilities. X6PF-UBD offers a comprehensive set of features to facilitate in-depth wafer testing and measurement processes. This system features a large-format worktable with a multi-axis rotation stage to accurately align the wafer for testing and metrology operations. The unit also features an advanced optics machine with a high-resolution digital camera, as well as an integrated laser scanning unit for further analysis. These components are all housed in robust metal housing to protect them from external influences. NIKON X6PF-UBD also offers a range of powerful software tools to automate and streamline data acquisition and analysis. This includes a full software suite for data acquisition, including image capture, data analysis, and report generation. The tool also supports remote access, allowing data management teams to access the asset from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition to the robust optics and imaging features of the model, the X6P provides users with tools to automate and speed up the testing process. The equipment features a built-in probe arm that can move precisely in all directions and lift/lower samples for testing. This gives users the ability to quickly and accurately test large numbers of samples, reducing overall testing time and cost. The X6PD-UBD is a reliable and powerful wafer testing and metrology solution. Its combination of robust imaging features, automated testing tools, data acquisition and analysis software, and remote access capability make it an ideal choice for semiconductor fabrication facilities looking for an advanced and cost-effective wafer testing and metrology system.
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