Used NIPPON NAFS-3070P #9078494 for sale

ID: 9078494
Vintage: 2007
Non-contact 3D measurement device, 2007.
NIPPON NAFS-3070P wafer testing and metrology equipment is an efficient tool for a wide range of tasks in the semiconductor and related industries. It is a multi-dimensional system, capable of performing both electrical testing and optical inspection of wafers and other components for modern logic integration and MEMS applications. NAFS-3070P's wafer testing capabilities include parameter measurement of Power Device ICs, noise measurements, thermal resistance testing, and high voltage testing to 100V, as well as switching characteristics at high frequencies. The unit has up to six test channels and up to four measurement modules, with a high speed scan module for each channel capable of testing up to 60 devices per second. The optical inspection capabilities of NIPPON NAFS-3070P utilize advanced microscopy, optical inspection, 3D imaging, and imaging processing technologies. It provides the ability to capture high resolution images with up to 1000x differential magnification in a single shot. It is also equipped with an integrated auto-focus machine which allows it to take multiple frames for each sample without having to reset the focus for each sample. NAFS-3070P also offers an advanced User Interface which enables users to quickly setup tests, assign measurement settings, and capture data. The tool offers a broad range of Report Export capabilities including PDFs and EXCEL spreadsheets. Additionally, NIPPON NAFS-3070P features comprehensive data management capabilities which allows data to be stored and accessed quickly and easily. NAFS-3070P wafer testing and metrology asset is an extremely powerful and versatile tool for all kinds of semiconductor and related applications. It offers reliable and efficient performance, and is cost-effective and easy to use. With its advanced optical inspection capabilities, comprehensive data storage and management capabilities, NIPPON NAFS-3070P is a great choice for semiconductor companies, research labs and other similar enterprises.
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