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NOVA 210
ID: 9026298
Measurement systems.
NOVA 210 is a high-end wafer testing and metrology equipment used for a variety of applications, including wafer level defect inspection, wafer level yield analysis, electrical parameter testing, and reticle mapping. The system is designed to provide the highest accuracy in a short cycle time, through the use of advanced technologies. 210 is equipped with a unique optical unit that utilizes bright-field and dark-field illumination to provide clear and highly accurate images of wafers. This machine is available with a choice of magnifications, allowing for high resolution imaging of small features and defects. The unit is also equipped with a high resolution camera, which allows for capture of detailed wafer images. NOVA 210 provides a number of advanced features for defect analysis and yield analysis. It is equipped with a variety of algorithms, including OCR and pattern matching, that help identify even the most difficult to detect defects. In addition, the tool can be integrated with a number of external metrology solutions, including cathodoluminescence and scanning electron microscopy. For electrical parameter testing, 210 includes making capabilities for both contact and non-contact scanning. The high speed contact scan allows for precise measurements of the electrical parameters of wafer devices and circuitry, while the non-contact method allows for rapid analysis of a large number of devices with minimal contact. NOVA 210 is also capable of performing reticle mapping. This capability allows for the analysis of the relationship between the various pattern areas on the wafer using advanced algorithms. The asset is designed to be flexible, providing a variety of options for data collection, analysis, and presentation. Overall, 210 is a high-end wafer testing and metrology model designed for numerous applications, from yield analysis to electrical parameter testing to reticle mapping. It is equipped with advanced features, allowing for precise defect analysis and providing flexibility for large-scale data collection. NOVA 210 is the ideal choice for those in need of a reliable and advanced equipment for testing and metrology.
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