Used NOVA NovaScan 210 #9282462 for sale

ID: 9282462
Wafer Size: 8"
Film measurement system, 8" P/N: 210-8-034 Wafer handler included.
NOVA NovaScan 210 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment with leading edge technology. It is composed of a base station, high resolution camera, and supporting hardware and software packages. The system allows for systematized testing of wafer structures and components, and features an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) to control and monitor the unit's operation. It offers various settings and advanced features such as automatic wafer loading and aligning. The image signals are processed with just one frame of reference and customizable settings for accurate wafer testing. The precise optical measurement and advanced metrology machine of NovaScan 210 enables nanometer resolution levels for rigorous wafer testing. With an aperture size of up to 10 mm and a spot size of up to 0.25 μm, the tool offers unprecedented accuracy and quality control. An efficient lighting asset assists in uniform illumination of the sample through LED-based cold light wand and DLED flat field illuminator. The illumination is controllable and adjustable to profile from broad field to high resolution images as needed. Its GUI-based applications allow visualization of topographic data for performing axial and lateral scans of samples for defect inspection. Furthermore, it facilitates wafer mapping and alignment in an automated manner with no manual intervention. The integrated traceability model of the equipment allows for full control tracking of sample wafers or pads. The system offers a wide range of sample handling options for wafer pad or plate loading. Its advanced wafer mover employs advanced robotics for automated movement of wafers. NOVA NovaScan 210 is equipped with a software-controlled XYZ table for scanning and positioning flexibility. The unit is certified for use in harsh industrial environments and incorporates an anti-static protection machine to prevent electrostatic discharge. It is an ideal solution for providing accurate and highly-precise wafer testing and metrology services.
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