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NOVA NovaScan 3090
ID: 293663062
Film measurement system P/N: 390-10000-11.
NOVA NovaScan 3090 is a wafer tester and metrology equipment, designed to enable accurate and repeatable analysis of semiconductor wafers up to 300 mm in diameter. It is an advanced tool combining standard electrical characterization and new non-contact optical technologies, such as polarized light interference microscopy. NovaScan 3090 enables quick testing of semiconductor devices for uniformity, uniformity qualification, and non-destructive metrology. It uses a 12-axis positioning system, coupled with a wide range of measurement sensors, to give precise, repeatable positioning down to nanometer-level accuracy. Its main stage is compatible with various testing substrates and materials. NOVA NovaScan 3090 also includes an optical metrology subsystem, powered by advanced imaging and polarized light interference microscopy. This allows for non-contact, optical analysis of wafers, with excellent resolution and repeatability. Moreover, the metrology unit includes an automated pattern recognition module, which automatically identifies features on wafers and quantifies their characteristics. NovaScan 3090 also has a built-in automation machine, which allows users to easily integrate it with other post-test equipment from a single, unified controller. The tool is also highly programmable, allowing for rapid adaption to various metrology and test tasks. Additionally, a special validation toolbox allows users to easily perform a range of metrology and test simulations. In addition, NOVA NovaScan 3090 also includes an automated wafer handling asset, which provides a safe and efficient way to transport wafers to and from the metrology subsystem. Furthermore, the model includes an advanced environmental and safety equipment, to ensure users are protected from any hazardous environment. In summary, NovaScan 3090 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology system designed to provide users with accurate and repeatable test and metrology analysis of semiconductor wafers. Its combination of standard electrical characterization and advanced optical metrology technologies, along with its automated wafer-handling and environmental protection systems make it an ideal choice for any semiconductor test lab.
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