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NOVA NovaScan 3090
ID: 9194765
Film measurement systems.
NOVA NovaScan 3090 is a high-precision wafer testing and metrology equipment used for measuring and analyzing the electrical performance of semiconductor devices. The system offers a comprehensive suite of software tools for capturing and managing test data, as well as advanced analysis algorithms for comprehensive, in-depth analysis of device performance. NovaScan 3090 offers a range of electrical tests and is configured with a variety of technologies, including die-level probing, flat wafer testing and metrology, 2D imaging, grain boundary analysis, and three-dimensional topography. The unit utilizes a Fizeau laser triangulation technology for accurate topography measurement, and provides three-dimensional imaging with up to 300 micron resolution. For electrical testing, NOVA NovaScan 3090 features an integrated four-quadrant electrical tester. This tester incorporates a range of testing technologies, including test frequency analysis (TFA) for high-level characterization, ac/dc switching for measuring power efficiency, and integrated automated dc testing for speed and accuracy. NovaScan 3090's comprehensive feature set also includes automated alignment for rapid sample setup and fast, convenient data processing. The machine leverages a variety of analysis software, including NOVA Project Management Software (PMS), NOVA Analysis Suite (NAS), and Analyze. The PMS and NAS software forms a powerful integrated platform, controlling the entire test and analysis process from sample setup to data reporting. Finally, NOVA NovaScan 3090 enables generation of both standard and customized application-specific reports. The tool provides a variety of graphical, tabular, and numeric formats, allowing customers to quickly analyze and comprehend their results. With its comprehensive metrology package, powerful analysis tools, and report generation capabilities, NovaScan 3090 asset provides customers with an accurate and efficient model for wafer testing and metrology.
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