Used NOVA NovaScan 420 #9077702 for sale

ID: 9077702
Measurement System.
NOVA NovaScan 420 is a metrology system designed for testing and analyzing semiconductor wafers. It makes use of advanced optical interferometers to acquire high-precision measurements with unmatched repeatability and accuracy. NovaScan 420 has two distinct parts - an optical interferometer module and a dedicated alignment station. The optical interferometer module includes the opto-electronic component platform, optical path frame, illumination tooling, automated subtraction, and optical profilometer components. The alignment station is where the wafers are mounted and the measurements are taken. The station also serves to calibrate the system and keep alignment accuracies within a high level of precision. NOVA NovaScan 420's optical interferometer is integrated with a precise automated stages for wafer mapping that allows users to quickly and accurately measure the topography of any wafer surface. It also includes a suite of software tools that allows users to conduct a wide variety of measurements, including surface roughness, disk depth, guide groove, corner structures, and step heights. In addition, NovaScan 420 includes software-controlled microscopy and image analysis tools for electronic failure analysis. This enables users to find and characterize yield and patterning participants, or identify defective areas on the wafer surface quickly and accurately. The comprehensive suite of measurement tools integrated into NOVA NovaScan 420 provides accurate metrology capabilities for monitoring the performance of a variety of products, ranging from active components to glass substrates. It supports a variety of wafer sizes (up to 12 inches) and can accommodate up to 24 wafer carriers. All in all, NovaScan 420 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology solution that can be used in a variety of applications. The optical interferometer and automated stages make high-precision measurements quickly and accurately, while the image analysis capability gives access to valuable semiconductor information. All of these features make NOVA NovaScan 420 an ideal solution for today's modern semiconductor industry.
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