Used NOVASCAN 210 #9011382 for sale

ID: 9011382
Controller unit Part No.: 210-48000-00 (2) Polishers/ finishers.
NOVASCAN 210 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment for high-performance multi-technology platforms. This system features an integrated metrology station in the top chassis with nano-level accuracy, providing better data quality with higher precision. The robust design of the machine with its advanced Scanning Modes enables the highest level of production throughput and accuracy. 210 has an open-ended optical design that enables the machine to do high speed scanning with sub-micron resolution across a wide range of substrates. The machine features a single camera unit that is capable of performing multiple tests in different modes to provide accurate, reliable data results. The integrated metrology station houses an autofocus machine that is capable of detecting the risk of surface contamination quickly and accurately while at the same time providing the highest level of surface testing accuracy. The autofocus tool is also aided by a suite of advanced pattern-recognition algorithms that enable precise testing of the device substrate without linearity, repeatability, and step tracking errors. The asset is also designed to accurately measure electrical failure of integrated circuit packages at the wafer level. It is integrated with a device manager to provide seamless production data analysis. The integrated analysis and reporting tools of NOVASCAN 210 enable the users to quickly identify defects and anomalies while providing a comprehensive look into the operations of the machine. 210 features a unique quick accessibility model that enables the calibration and maintenance operations to be done quickly in the shortest span of time. The equipment also comes with an embedded isochronous data acquisition unit for faster, error-free data acquisitions. NOVASCAN 210 also provides an onboard data storage facility, which enables users to store data from the tests conducted on the machine and download them to other storage mediums with ease. 210 is a comprehensive and advanced wafer testing and metrology system that caters to the needs of high-performance multi-technology platforms. The advanced features of the unit make it a top choice for manufacturers who are looking to yield reliable, precise data with improved production throughput.
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