Used NOVASCAN 210 #9211914 for sale

ID: 9211914
Controller unit.
NOVASCAN 210 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide precision analysis of electrical information on wafers. It utilizes two interchangeable heads which house a combination of electrical probes and tactile probes to provide contact resistance measurements as well as electrical characteristics which can be used for analysis. The instrument also contains a programmable logic controller (PLC) with touch-screen display for unrestricted operation. 210 includes an XY table for automated positioning of the probes, in order to take multiple measurements. The XY table can reach speeds of 1 mm per second, and can move with a total of parameters of up to 600mm (X) by 600mm (Y). The electrical sensors have a frequency range from 50K to 2GHz and can gauge voltage, current, and power. The tactile sensor head includes four-point contact probes which can provide information on a range of physical properties such as surface finish, thickness, dielectric constants, and resistivity. NOVASCAN 210 has an advanced data management system which can be programmed to store and organize collected data in multiple different formats. The unit also includes a variety of pre-programmed analysis reports which can be generated quickly and effortlessly. 210 utilizes a variety of automatic inspection and calibration tools to ensure accuracy during operation. It has a visual guidance machine which helps align the two interchangeable head modules during operation. This tool also allows each probe head to be configured easily for different types of measurements. Additionally, NOVASCAN 210 has a built-in automatic self-test asset which allows for the verification of calibration and the performance of diagnostic tests prior to each measurement cycle. 210 is a highly versatile device which can be used for a variety of applications, including circuit and device design. The model's combination of electrical and tactile probes allow for a range of data analysis and testing capabilities. NOVASCAN 210 is an ideal equipment for wafer testing and metrology, providing precise and accurate results for every measurement.
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