Used NOVASCAN 210 #9224121 for sale

ID: 9224121
Measurement machine.
NOVASCAN 210 wafer testing and metrology equipment is an automated production tool for measuring electrical properties of semiconductor wafers. It combines multiple metrology techniques to enable accurate process control throughout the full production cycle. 210 is equipped with several automated optical alignment systems, so users don't have to perform manual alignments. The optical alignment systems provide maximum efficiency and precision in the scanning process. NOVASCAN 210 also features a set of well-configured cameras in order to capture images of the wafer. The cameras are capable of sensing a variety of different matrix parameters for accurate metrology of the wafer geometry. 210 comes with a versatile wafer handler, allowing it to scan and analyze wafers of varying sizes and types. Its open-frame design facilitates quick and easy loading/unloading of wafers, while still providing maximum vibration isolation. NOVASCAN 210 is also equipped with a state-of-the-art motion control system. This motion controller is highly efficient and provides precise motion accuracy for maximum throughput and repeatability. Additionally, 210 features an integrated computer unit for data capture and analysis. This machine is equipped with multiple processors and powerful graphic processors to process the large volumes of data generated during the scans. It is also equipped with advanced software for data analysis. The software allows users to easily create custom analysis and report templates, along with powerful analysis tools to quickly draw useful conclusions from the data. NOVASCAN 210 is a powerful, reliable and cost-effective tool for comprehensive wafer testing and metrology. It is designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable data for process control, helping to improve production cycle time and optimize yield.
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